2019 Evaluation Schedule

Updated Monday August 26, 2019 by Vernon Ringette Association - GVRA.

Evaluation Schedule: GVRA 
Date Time Division Location  

Monday Sept. 9th 

6:15-7:15pm  U14 ZONE Try-Outs KTPS  

7:30-8:30pm  U16AA Try-Outs KTPS  

Tuesday Sept 10th

4-5pm U10 Evaluations KTPS  
5-6pm  U12 Evaluations KTPS  
6:15-7:15pm  U14 Evaluations KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm U16 Evaluations KTPS  

Wed Sept. 11th 

4-5pm U10 Evaluations KTPS  
5-6pm U14 Evaluations KTPS  

Thurs Sept 12th 

4-5pm  U12 Evaluations KTPS  
5-6pm U16 Evaluations KTPS  
6:15-7:15pm U14 ZONE Try-Outs KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm U19 Evaluations KTPS  

Mon Sept 16th 

6:15-7:15pm  U16 Scrimmage KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm  U19 Evaluations KTPS  

Tues Sept. 17th 

4-5pm U10 Scrimmage  KTPS  
5-6pm  U12 Scrimmage   KTPS  
6:15-7:15pm  U16 / U19 Scrimmage KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm U14 Scrimmage KTPS  

Wed Sept 18th

4-5pm FUN “First” Skate KTPS  
5-6pm U10 Practice  KTPS  

Thurs Sept 19th 

4-5pm  U10  KTPS  
5-6pm U12 KTPS  
6:15-7:15pm U14 / U19  KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm U16  KTPS  

Monday Sept. 23rd 

6:15-7:15pm  U14B / U14 ZONE KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm  U19 / OPEN  KTPS  

Tuesday Sept 24th

4-5pm FUN Evaluations KTPS  
5-6pm  U10 KTPS  
6:15-7:15pm  U12 KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm AA ?  KTPS  

Wed Sept 25th 

6-7am U16  KTPS  
4-5pm FUN Evaluations KTPS  
5-6pm U14 KTPS  

Thurs Sept 26th 

4-5pm  U10 KTPS  
5-6pm U12 KTPS  
6:15-7:15pm U16 KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm U19 / OPEN KTPS  

Saturday, Sept 28th 
8:15-9:15 am BCWG Zone 2 Try Outs KTPS  
9:30-:10:30 am BCWG Zone 2 Try Outs KTPS  

Sunday Sept. 29th 

9:45-10:45 am Goalie Training  KTPS  

Monday Sept. 30th 

6:15-7:15pm  U14 / ??  KTPS  
7:30-8:30pm  U19/Open KTPS

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